Hiring a young person with the Summer job voucher

  • The Summer job voucher allows an employer to hire a 9th grader for the summer between 1 June and 12 August 2020. The employing company does not need to be located in Helsinki.
  • The minimum length of the employment period is 60 working hours, either consecutively or over the course of several shorter periods.
  • The young person’s net pay must be at least EUR 350 for 60 working hours. The sum includes holiday compensation. In addition to this, the employer pays normal employer’s contributions.
  • The employer can also hire the young person for a longer period. If the length of the employment period exceeds the minimum length specified above, the pay must also be higher than EUR 350.
  • The employer makes an employment contract with the summer employee and takes care of normal employer obligations. Employer’s rights and obligations.
  • The City of Helsinki recommends that the employer bases the employee’s pay on the industry’s collective agreement  and expects the employer to follow the principles of the Responsible Summer Job campaign.

The employer CAN be:

  • a company (including a housing company)
  • an association
  • a foundation
  • a parish


The employer CANNOT be:

  • a private household (directly)
  • the government or a municipality.

Please note! The summer job does not need to be located in Helsinki, but the employer must have a Finnish business ID.

Returning the Summer job voucher.

The employer must return the filled-out Summer job voucher form and appendices by 30 September 2020 by sending it to:

City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Sector
Youth Services/Summer Job Voucher

PO Box 51400, 00099 City of Helsinki

or sending a copy scanned to: kesaseteli@hel.fi

The Summer job voucher must include the following appendices:

  • a pay statement
  • the employment contract

If the form is not returned by the deadline or if the terms and conditions of the Summer job voucher are not met (the length of the employment period was too short or the pay was too low, for example), the voucher reimbursement (EUR 300) will not be paid to the employer’s account.